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Zander Aachen SR3D Safety relay, Emergency stop relay | 472270 | 472272

Zander Aachen SR3D Safety relay, Emergency stop relay | 472270 | 472272

Zander Aachen safety relay SR3D, Emergency stop relay SR3D is a universally applicable safety relay with 3 safety contacts specially designed for continuous use in waste incineration installations on ships, in accordance with EN 50156-1. The safety relay is certified by Germanischer Lloyd under number 32915-06HH and can therefore be used at sea.

  • Safety relay.
  • Stop category 0
  • Performance: e
  • Safety rating: 3
  • PL e, SILCL 3, category 4
  • Control: base unit of the SR series
  • Contacts: 3 forced safety contacts AC 250V / 6A, 1 auxiliary contact
  • Working voltage: DC24V, AC230V or AC115V
  • Case Width: 22.5 mm
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Certification according to EN 50156-1 for fire protection.
  • Germanischer Lloyd Certificate 32915-06HH.
  • For more information, see the datasheet

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