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Qlight STB45ML-Ex, Signal Tower 24V Explosion-proof Signal Tower, Ex signal tower Atex

Qlight STB45ML-Ex, Signal Tower 24V Explosion-proof Signal Tower, Ex signal tower

  • Qlight STB45ML-Ex-24V explosion-proof signal tower 1 to 5 LEDs with sound, nRⅡT4 Ex zone 2 (No ATEX or IECEx certificate)
  • NON-Sparkling explosion-proof, powerful LED lights with fixed light intensity
  • Excellent visibility through a special reflector
  • Less maintenance with the use of durable LEDs
  • Lens and housing are made of polycarbonate with excellent durability, suitable for potentially hazardous and explosive environments
  • Can be used for Zone 2 application with explosion-proof classification of nR
  • Zone2: Equipment can work for a short time under abnormal environmental conditions with a high risk
  • Materials: Lens PC, Enclosure PC, Mounting Housing-Al
  • Certificates: NEPSI, KCs (KGS)
  • Explosion protection class: Ex nRⅡT4, Ex nRⅡT6 (Layer 3 only)
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ≤ Tamb ≤ + 50 ° C

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